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US Mexico Cross-border

With 3.9 million tons of cargo passing between the US and Mexico every year (a number that is expected to …READ MORE

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Cross-border Bridges

Cross-border cargo chaos plagued the supply chain and created massive delays that provoked inflation and disruption especially as the revamped …READ MORE

After extreme supply chain disruption during the pandemic, the time of peak season has been more of a fond memory …READ MORE

Chassis Shortage

Rail congestion and a shortage of chassis are making it challenging to move containers through a tight peak season. Trapped …READ MORE

MiPharma, Barcelona, & BIG

After more than two years of living in various stages of lockdown and quarantine, one would expect that a gathering …READ MORE

Annual Strategy Meeting

BIG Logistics DFW was proud to play host to our Annual Strategy Meeting at the beginning of the 2nd Quarter. …READ MORE

Southern Border

Reports of delays from the Southern border in Texas came in fast and furious when Governor Abbott ordered authorities to …READ MORE


A U.S. foreign-trade zone (FTZ) is best described as a geographical area declared to be outside the normal customs territory …READ MORE

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BIG Logistics prides itself on being well ahead of the curve, especially when we’re picking a location for an office. …READ MORE


Strong network partnerships are a critical tool for a logistics company. Logistics is a complicated industry with tightly woven connections …READ MORE

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