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Gulf ports are in the news more often as shippers and retailers look for relief from congested east and west …READ MORE

Acquiring balance of building nets additional 104,000 square feet of space and 6,300 pallet positions for B2B and B2C fulfillment …READ MORE

strategic expansion

BIG Logistics’ strategic expansion plans take shape. A quick overview of the key population centers around the United States aligns …READ MORE

Small Parcels savings with BIG Logistics

As e-Commerce escalates from mammoth to behemoth, small parcels and package services are increasingly important parts of a company’s complete …READ MORE

oxygen concentrators packed and ready to help those in need in India

This week the CDC announced that fully vaccinated Americans are now able to go unmasked in most cases, both in …READ MORE

Today, we are proud to announce that we have become a portfolio company of SecurCapital Corp. SecurCapital is headed up …READ MORE

Warehouses are no longer just vacant storage spaces where retailers hold inventory. As the retail industry expands and explodes with …READ MORE

Ft. Worth, TX (April 6, 2021) —  SecurCapital, BIG Logistics, Maximedi, Health Professional Resources (HPR) and Kids Matter International today …READ MORE

If you’ve told someone in the last twenty-five years that your business is logistics, or international trade, or even freight …READ MORE

There once was a funny joke about traffic that noted how zero automakers were unveiling parking spaces to put the …READ MORE

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