Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15 – October 15, BIG Logistics is observing and celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Starting in 1968, and made a national monthly event in 1988, the month incorporates many Hispanic independence days, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. September 16th and 18th are the Independence days for Mexico and Chile and the month-long observance lasts just past Dia de la Raza, on October 12th. 

Building on the welcoming atmosphere that has been established at BIG Logistics, the commitment to diversity and inclusivity is more than just a month long occurrence. With a local, bi-lingual workforce and community-focused, family-first leadership, the motto “a rising tide lifts all boats” drives our commitment. Fostering an environment of open communication, BIG Logistics gives our support to opening up and understanding how through our diversity, we have strong similarities. 

The crux of our similarities come not from the pillars of our communities – family, food, music, and celebration, but in understanding that every family, every person, whether from a similar background or not, has a unique perspective and yet strives to do better for the next generation, remains willing to go without so their families can have more, and works together in the face of all challenges. 

Hispanic Heritage Month provides an opportunity for our teams to talk about the contributions, history and cultures that come together each day in the office. It’s a chance to reveal a little personal side so that our team can see the differences, and in those differences, our similarities. By sharing food, music, and stories, we can weave a new symphony of diversity and education as management learns from the local staff and can experience the beauty of areas they might not frequently visit. 

BIG Logistics is a team full of enthusiasm. One can watch the hum of excitement move rapidly through our team as more people communicate about their lives and experiences. From El Paso to Laredo, the cross-border families and communities have welcomed BIG Logistics and cared for us as we have cared for them. Uniquely understanding the many facets of Hispanic Heritage Month is more than knowing the dates and trivia surrounding the month. For BIG Logistics, it’s a time to share, to learn, and to grow a little closer to the family we’ve chosen to work alongside. 

This celebration is a tribute to overcoming obstacles, phobias, and simple fears, as we all come from different backgrounds and ethnicities, this month is meant to highlight our similarities and our struggles, or more correctly those of our forefathers.  It is a time to not look at our immediate differences but dig deep and look at our individual family history and realize that we all had to overcome great tribulation to be here in this great country of opportunity diversity where dreams and aspiration can become a reality.

Coming to work with people who care means leading with enthusiasm, listening with intention and building a diverse and authentic relationship with an ever-growing team of experts. If you’re interested in learning more about how BIG Logistics does it differently, contact your local office today and learn what it’s like to work with heart.