B.I.G. Logistics joins MiPharmaGlobal Network.

With a projected spend of $80 billion in 2020, pharmaceutical products are a key component of B.I.G. Logistics’ strategy and the reason that we became the first U.S. member of the MiPharmaGlobal network.

MiPharma’s core audience are global freight forwarders with a competency in the pharmaceutical and healthcare verticals.

These products require specialized handling, monitoring and constant visibility and a persistent chain of custody. While forwarders may feel that they can tackle other non-perishable, high-value verticals with an average amount of experience, MiPharma and the companies in the network exemplify the highest standards and experience.

B.I.G. Logistics was a natural fit for the group, offers their Founder David Keen. “B.I.G. are not working their way into pharma, they’re already deeply in pharma,” Keen says.

“As an IATA CEIV accredited company, they have demonstrated they have the people, processes and physical plant necessary to not only handle this product category, but that they can do it at the service level expected by healthcare companies and manufacturers around the world.”

Vinod Baliga, CEO of B.I.G. Logistics, said the value proposition of the group made it an easy choice to apply for membership.

“There are specific technologies and services that are unique to pharmaceutical products. Cleanliness, visibility, documented processes and chain of custody all play a role. B.I.G. worked diligently to ensure that we were ready to be a full participant in a group such as MiPharmaGlobal.”

“The emails are already pouring in from around the world,” Baliga continues. “The work we have been doing on brand awareness and marketing B.I.G. Logistics in Dallas – an airport that is targeting the construction of a pharma-centric airport community – are opening doors and presenting new business opportunities already.”

B.I.G. Logistics is integrating the MiPharmaGlobal offerings of insurance and technology and IoT devices with our own existing hardware, software and vendor products and looks forward to continuing to detail to an ever-increasing and ever-interested audience what the company is capable of delivering.

“While the primary thought on everyone’s mind right now is a COVID vaccine, there is an existing network of therapeutics and custom engineered medications that have been already moving through supply chains and, as globalization increases, find themselves traveling increasingly not just within one country, but between multiple countries,” Keen observes.  

“We’re proud to be the first U.S. member of MiPharmaGlobal and plan to cement ourselves as a key member in likely their largest single market,” Baliga predicts.For more information on B.I.G.’s IATA CEIV status, the MiPharmaGlobal network or B.I.G.’s pharmaceutical and life sciences capabilities, click here or contact us for more information.